About Fomtec

Company Development

2010/01/01    Suzhou Fengtie won the “Foreign Research and Development Agency in Suzhou City”

2010/03/01    Multi-color multi-material injection molding machine won the "Junge Technology Innovation Award"

2010/04         Guangzhou Fengtie won the "China Famous Brand" certificate.

2010/05         Fengtie Injection Molding Machine Honored by HC Network "Glory China. 2009 Top Ten Plastic Machines in China Plastic Industry”

2010/05/28    Fengtie became the first industrial product industry selection of “Tiangongzun”: “The Top Ten Most Influential Brands in the Plastic Industry”

2010/09/24    Feng Tie Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has passed CE certification.

2010             Guangzhou Fengtie cooperated with the school and enterprise of Guangdong Baiyun University to establish a creative and entrepreneurial base for students.

2010/12/01   Suzhou Fengtie won the "High-tech enterprise certificate"


Technological Innovation

2010/04/07 《 A Vertical Injection Molding Machine Feeding Device》 was officially awarded the "Utility Model Patent Certificate", Patent No.: 2009200620441

2010/05/05 《 A Vertical Disc Injection Molding Machine Braking System》 was officially awarded "Utility Model Patent Certificate", Patent No.: 2009200620460

2010/05/05 《 A kind of injection molding machine barrel temperature control device》 was formally awarded "utility model patent certificate", patent number: 2009200620456

2010/08        The center turret multicolor and multi-material injection molding machine independently developed by Fengtie Injection Molding Machine won the 2010 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for its innovative concept of “simplify mold and integrate peripherals”.


Marketing Network

2010/07/29   Fengtai Forming Machinery and Equipment Operation Department of Wuhan Hanyang District was established

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